Supercharge Your Reading Retention

In this blog post, I want to share my experience using NeuraCache, a fantastic app that has helped me retain more knowledge from my reading materials. NeuraCache is built around two fundamental learning techniques: Spaced Repetition and Active Recall (Flashcards). Let’s look at these techniques and how NeuraCache makes them easy to apply.

Spaced Repetition: Learning in Smaller Bites

Spaced Repetition is all about reviewing information at gradually increasing intervals. Here are the basic principles:

1) Reviewing once every few days is much better than studying 20 times on the same day Our brain needs time to form the synaptic structure surrounding new information before it is locked in long-term memory.

2) Review within the first 24 hours is essential Up to 90% of the information is lost within the first 24 hours.

3) Review material every once in a while If you fail to recall the material repeatedly, there is still a possibility of forgetting, just at a slower rate.

spaced repetition spaced repetition

Active Recall: Test Yourself for Better Retention

Active Recall is a simple yet powerful learning technique. Instead of just rereading your notes, try to recall the content by answering a question about it. This method helps build and strengthen neural connections, making the information stick in your long-term memory.

With NeuraCache, setting up and customizing Recall questions for your notes is easy.


Connecting NeuraCache with Your Favorite Note-taking App

One of the best things about NeuraCache is that it works with popular note-taking apps like Notion, Evernote, Obsidian, Roam Research, and OneNote. You can easily create Flashcards (Active Recall) using your existing note-taking app, and NeuraCache will take care of the rest (Spaced Repetition, Review Flow, Today’s Queue, etc.).

My Personal Experience

Since using NeuraCache, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in remembering what I’ve read. I create book notes and import them into NeuraCache, which covers the rest. The app has made it much easier to retain knowledge and has become an essential part of my learning process.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your learning and memory retention, try NeuraCache. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results!

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